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Questions about my Orders

What is the status of my order?

If your order was for a digital offer, we'll email you right away with details on how to access it.With physical products and shipping, we will email every step of the way. Keep in mind that a large portion of merch is print-on-demand, and can take 3

My order is past the delivery date.

Please check any tracking links sent out to you and see which postal carrier is delivering your item and get the latest updates. If there are any delivery issues, they will normally be listed there and then you can reach out to that carrier if needed

Can I change or cancel my order after placing it?

We need to know within 24 hours for physical products as most items are print-on-demand and may go into productive by this time already, in which case it would then need to be delivered, and then shipped back for return eligiblity. For digital purcha

How will I receive my digital download?

An email will arrive shortly after purchase with the details! If you haven't received it within 30 minutes, please send our customer support a message!

Can I get a refund for a digital download if I'm not satisfied?

If the offer included a money-back guarantee and you are within the time constraints, absolutely! For any other circumstances, we can review them on a case-by-case basis.

Why did some of my items arrive in different packages?

We're able to offer such a large variety of products thanks to all of our print-on-demand providers! This can sometimes mean that an order can consist of multiple manufacturers which have different locations that will be shipping from at different ti

Why is shipping so expensive to my country?

We are always looking to find ways to decrease costs and diversify where our warehouses are located around the globe. We know it varies and can be more costly outside of the USA and will always implement better ways to mitigate this moving forward as

Only Shop that sales official Teal merch?

We have the main shop at shop.tealswan.com where you can find most items we sell. There is a legacy website which has some styles of frequency apparel at frequencyproduct.com which doesn't integrate with our main platform. Lastly, some items are also

Can I add an item onto my existing order and save on shipping?

Unfortunately not at this time. A new order will need to be placed, or a previous one canceled/returned appropriately.

It's been a few days, why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Please keep in mind that the majority of products are print-on-demand; they may require 3 to 7 working days in production before they are ready to ship. An email notification will be sent out once it does ship!