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How to access a Digital Product Purchase

If you purchased a standalone meditation (excluding the Meditations Vault!) - the download link will have been included in an email to you directly after your purchase. For any other digital product/course/offer:1. Head over to https://access.tealswa

I need help accessing my purchase on the new platform

To log in to the new platform, create an account via the invitation link in your email.If the invitation link is expired, or you cannot locate it, you can use "Forgot Your Password" to set a new password.If you've already made your account, but forgo

Unable to change/cancel payment information.

To edit your payment information, head to the "Payment Methods" section in your account.

My gift card isn't working

Gift cards at this time are exclusively redeemable and sold for our Shop at http://shop.tealswan.com Note that the product or offer you wish to redeem your gift card for must be sold from the site above, and is not transferrable between sites/platfor

I purchased a course but its locked.

It's important to make sure you're using the same email address to log in that you made the purchase with. If you have (or have had) multiple emails, note that we do not recognize them as belonging to the same person. Each email address is a complete

Issues with the meditations playing and/or downloading

If you're having issues with playing and/or downloading the meditations, please check to see if the issue persists on all of your devices. If you're usign a mobile device you can try to access the meditations both via the browser and the official Tea

Signed up for an offer but never got an email with the details to access it

If you purchased a standalone meditation (excluding the Meditations Vault!) -Cyan Gleason could help out hereOtherwise:1. Head to https://access.tealswan.com/2. Log in with the same email address that you made the purchase with (If you haven’t logged